[Oneiric-Topic] Revisit Xen support

Serge van Ginderachter serge at vanginderachter.be
Sat Apr 2 19:27:33 UTC 2011

On 2 April 2011 18:47, Chuck Short <chuck.short at canonical.com> wrote:

> > I feel like there is a lot of anecdotal evidence, but we shouldn't
> > make our decisions just because somebody says KVM can't do this or
> > Xen can do that.

I fully agree with that.

Whilst I argument that Xen is definitely more performant than KVM, I'm
mostly using KVM instead of Xen.
So I never said KVM  was not good, definitley not.

Ubuntu needs to support both technologies, especially when Xen gets vanilla
dom0 support.

 Met vriendelijke groet,
Serge van Ginderachter
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