Packaging AWS command line tools for Natty

Eric Hammond esh at
Tue Oct 19 19:47:48 UTC 2010

I have provided a bit more detail and some relevant links on the 
NattyIdeaPool page [1] for the request to have Ubuntu packages for the 
rest of the AWS command line tools including:

   Cloud Watch
   Auto Scaling
   Elastic Load Balancing
   Relational Database Service
   Identity and Access Management

Ubuntu already provides packages for


I believe one of the primary purposes of a Linux distribution is to 
package software and make it easy to install.

In order to keep Ubuntu as the best distribution to use with cloud 
computing, filling out the AWS software packages seems like an important 
task even if it isn't as attractive or fun as some of the other software 
development ideas on the list.

What are the next steps to get this project into the list of things that 
will be discussed at UDS and approved for Natty?


Eric Hammond

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