Kernel differences between desktop and kernel versions

Gianni Costanzi gianni.costanzi at
Wed Oct 13 10:12:53 UTC 2010

Hi people,
it's the first time I post on this mailing list.. I hope not to post a
duplicate or an already discussed question..
I've read on the following link that the kernel used in the server edition
(the generic-pae, right?) uses a different scheduler and timer interrupt
frequency and that preemption is turned off. I tried to install a
generic-pae kernel on my small router/firewall box (i586) and then I've run
a diff between the generic and generic-pae kernel configuration files in
/boot and I could not find anything about the above mentioned differences,
only stuff regarding virtualization and large amounts of memory (PAE

Should the following link be updated to reflect the current kernel
differences or am I missing something?

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