[ubuntu-server] Trying Ubuntu Server in Amazon EC2

Michael Zoet Michael.Zoet at zoet.de
Tue Oct 12 12:17:57 UTC 2010

Am Di, 12.10.2010, 12:34 schrieb Gustavo Niemeyer:
>> I agree pretty strongly with Eric here.  This just raises so many red
>> flags that don't need to be raised, and puts Canonical in a bad light
>> that will take a long time to undo.

I really do not see where this puts Canonical in a bad light.

> Certainly agree regarding raising unnecessary red flags, but feels
> like there's a bit of overreaction here too.

For me it is "a bit of overreacting" too. Canonical delivers a free
service about trying one hour free the latest Ubuntu Server Edition on
Amazons EC2 with a FAQ about everything related. If you have to think
about security you would set things up by yourself (on Amazons EC2 or

>> How is this not a back door in an Ubuntu delivery?
> This is an experiment we're attempting to allow people to play with a
> sandbox for less than an hour, with the backend being open sourced and
> available for anyone to read, and with a FAQ about the raised issue in
> place even before anyone brought it up.  If anything, that's an
> obvious front door with a welcome sign.

Even if I do not like the hype about cloud computing I thing this idea and
service to test the latest Ubuntu Server edition on Amazons EC2 is a good
and welcome move for a lot of people. Please keep up with such ideas! Even
if I never use it ;-).

Kind regards,


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