SSH and the Ubuntu Server

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Thu Nov 18 15:51:29 UTC 2010

On Wednesday, November 17, 2010 04:38:53 pm Dustin Kirkland wrote:
> Q: Why not default the cursor on that question to "No", instead of "Yes"?
>  A: That totally bypasses the value of this proposal, and is only
> microscopically better than what we currently have ...


I think this seriously under values the many benifits of your proposal.  The 
concern I have with defaulting a new question to yes the first time it appears 
is that if someone has a standard preseed they are using this will change what 
they get installed and they will never see the question (If I understand how 
all this works correctly and that's not certain).

If we are going to change the no open ports by default policy (and I think 
your proposal would do that), I think we should not be in a great rush to do 

I would propose that the question should at least exist in an LTS release with 
a conservative default (no in this case) before defaulting to the less 
conservative default.  My thought would be to do all as you propose, except 
leave it as default No for now and then consider swtiching to yes in 12.10.

I know that's a longer timeline than you'd prefer, but I think it pays to be 
conservative in how we approach this.

BTW, given the number of knocks I see on the door at port 22, this is very 
much not like the gorrilla thing.

Scott K

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