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Jorge Armando Medina jmedina at
Thu May 27 18:35:57 UTC 2010

Soren Hansen wrote:
> On Tue, May 25, 2010 at 10:54:17PM -0400, Scott Kitterman wrote:
>> One of the work items listed in:
>> is now:
>> + ubuntu-server IRC channel: both support and devel. Change the topic to
>> + remove Support.
> Oh, wow. I completely missed this. Thanks for pointing this out.
> I hope this is just a suggestion someone put into the Gobby doc at UDS,
> rather than an actual work item.
> Mathias, you're set as the drafter. Can you chime in, please?
> I was the one who added the support bit to /TOPIC to begin with years
> ago and I stand by that decision. If I have spare cycles at all, I want
> to help people with problems with Ubuntu Server, but there's no way I'm
> joining #ubuntu to do that. I'd like for #ubuntu-server to be an
> appropriate forum for all things related to Ubuntu Server. IME it's not
> anywhere near too busy with support stuff to prevent the developers from
> having conversations about development stuff. If other people feel
> differently, I don't believe the solution is to remove the support
> option from #ubuntu-server, but probably rather to move the developmenty
> sort of stuff to #ubuntu-devel or maybe, just maybe, to
> #ubuntu-server-devel, but I don't think we're at a volume where a
> separate dev channel is warranted.
I agree, even that I have not been on the channel  latelly I really like
to help otheres to solve their problems with ubuntu server, my vote for

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