Server Team 20100622 meeting minutes

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Thu Jun 24 21:23:21 UTC 2010


Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online with        
the irc logs here:        

==== Review ACTION points from previous meeting ====

* ttx to coordinate testing for Alpha 2?
* ttx  was to start Alpha 2 testing coordination during the meeting, so that
was not yet done - carry over.

* smoser to train someone on the release team on the cloud image release?
* an account on build machine is in the works for cjwatson
* "training" is mostly written up at

* jjohansen to review atop patchset for Alpha3 planning purposes?
* handed over to kamal
* kamal hoped to be done same day
* Daviey to update #588861, if needed against alpha1
* passed to ccheney and jjohansen, who are finding the first bad kernel
* jiboumans_ notes this blocks eucalyptus for alpha2
* ttx notes this is higher priority than atop patchset
* zul to move the sru tracker code to it's own project?

==== TOPIC] Maverick development (ttx) ====
ttx pointed to
/canonical-server-maverick-alpha-2.html, and pointed out specs should be
around 75%.  Regarding
milestones, he shared of
which a few apply to us:

* bug 588861 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) ""pad block corrupted" error when
trying to register an image with 2.6.34 kernel" [High,Triaged]
* bug 595421 in eucalyptus (Ubuntu Maverick) "Eucalyptus doesn't start with
latest stable version of "Groovy"" [High,Triaged]
* bug 588410 in eucalyptus (Ubuntu Maverick) "dynamic block storage should use
virtio" [High,Triaged]
* bug 594372 in tgt (Ubuntu Maverick) "MIR: tgt" [Medium,Confirmed]
* bug 574554 in tgt (Ubuntu Maverick) "tgtd needs init script or upstart job"
* zul says the upstart script needs to be reiveiwed by the foundations team
* bug 594509 in irqbalance (Ubuntu Maverick) "irqbalance main process ended,
respawning" [High,Confirmed]

Finally, Alpha2 ISO testing is coming up, and ttx asked us to subscribe
to tests we'd like to run:


====  Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (hggdh) ====

hggdh has installed the latest euca on their test rig, and a test was

==== Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (jjohansen) ====

jjohansen reports the EC2 kernel is being problematic, and if a kernel
isn't working by friday then alpha2 may have to use a Lucid based kernel.

==== Papercuts status (ttx) ====

Alpha2 iteration status can be seen at  If
you lack time to complete these bugs, you are asked to unassign yourself
so they can be reassigned.

For Alpha3, we are short on nominations.  ttx blogged about it in the
hopes of provoking more:


==== Weekly SRU review: (zul)

Zul says that at UDS in Brussels, there was a session about involving more
people in nominating SRUs by using the mailing list, rather than the team
meeting.  He'd like to start that next week, by sending an email to
ubuntu-server m-l.

==== Weekly Updates & Questions for the Documentation Team (sommer) ====

Nothing to discuss

==== Open Discussion ====

ttx begs or badgers for papercut nominations.

==== Agree on next meeting date and time ====

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, June 29th at 15:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.

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