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In regards to the "run ISO testing coverage on alpha 1"...

I started seeding the Alpha 1 today on 3 different boxes from 3 different locations to supplement the current 3 that are out there. It doesn't seem like there is a lot of activity/interest in this, but still, I will keep the seeds up and running until at least Wednesday at around the same time (1630 est).

I'd like to attend the server meeting(s).

Take care,

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Sorry for being late.

==== Agenda ====

Items we will be discussing:
 * Review ACTION points from previous meeting
   * ACTION: all to run ISO testing coverage on alpha1
   * ACTION: smoser to ensure cloud images make it to the alpha1 iso
tracker - Carry over
   * ACTION: smoser to coordinate with jjohansen and ttx to provide a
more detailed work item overview for
server-maverick-cloud-kernel-upgrades - Carry over
   * ACTION: sommer to present list of sections that need input from
server team
 * Maverick development (jib)
   * Alpha2 subcycle status (ttx)
   * UEC related specs (jib)
 * Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (hggdh)
 * Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (jjohansen)
   * atop kernel patch
   * Bug:587893: linux-image-2.6.34-5-virtual is oversized, results in
oversized server ISO
 * Weekly Updates & Questions for the Documentation Team (sommer)
 * Papercuts Alpha2 subcycle status (ttx)
 * Weekly SRU review:
20review]] (mathiaz)
 * Open Discussion
 * Announce next meeting date and time
   * Tuesday 2010-06-15 at 1800 UTC - #ubuntu-meeting

==== Minutes ====

## Use title4 (ie ======== ) for each section of the minutes
## Only topics discussed during the meetings should be put in the
## Status reporting is done via another channel.

==== Action Points from Previous Meetings ====

 * Action: Alpha 1 testing - Alpha1 testing went well, nothing appear to
blow up, only had 50% coverage for Alpha1 need more for Alpha2
 [ACTION] ttx to coordinate testing for Alpha 2

 * Action: smoser to ensure cloud images make it for Alpha. This was
done and tested. Now that slangasek doesnt do release management anymore
   else needs to be trained.
 [ACTION] smoser to train someone on the release team on the cloud image

 * Action: smoser to coordinate with jjohansen and ttx to provide a more
detailed work item overview for server-maverick-cloud-kernel-upgrades.
Action has been carried over

 * Action: sommer to present a list of sections that need input from the
server team. No action was taken. Action has been carried over.

==== Maverick Development ====

The burn down chart is looking a little twisted due to the appearance of
the UEC blueprints and more. All high specs should be 25% completion and
that is not the case. It is
worrying that at least 3 of the high specs have 0/1 items done and no
status update. As a reminder please update your status and work items by
EOB Monday. With regards to UEC specs a
split has been made for the work between alpha2/3 and onwards and we'd
like to make sure this reflects reality

[ACTION] all to keep their specs uptodate with workitems (4-16 hours
each) and update their status monday EOB

==== Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (hggdh) ====

Carlos remarked that:

 1. UEC test rig is ready to test the new SRUs
 2. I cannot put Maverick in right now due to bug #588861
 3. I am indeed a bit behind, but should catch up fast

After that a whole discussion about SRU processes and sponsorship
processes took place revolving around mongodb.

==== Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (jjohansen) ====

Jjohansen will look at atop patches and how important they are. Ttx
mentioned that 587893 was fixed and that a maverick backport kernel was
available. Jjohansen said he would review the patchset, we are concerned
with possibe performance degradation and breakage.

==== Papercuts Alpha2 subcycle status (ttx) ====

There was 14 targets nominated and 4 were fixed.

==== Stable Release Updates ====

No bugs were nominated for SRU backports.

==== Open Discussion ====


==== Next Meeting ====

The next meeting will be at Tuesday 2010-06-15 at 1800 UTC -

======== Agree on next meeting date and time ========

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, June 15th at 15:00 UTC in

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