LTS point release schedule?

Peter van Arkel p.vanarkel at
Wed Jun 9 14:55:33 UTC 2010

On Wed, 09 Jun 2010, Mark Foster wrote:

> I'm looking over
> Notice how 8.04.1, 8.04.x get released on some seemingly random schedule.
> Is it the same for 10.04.x? What is the criteria for a point release?

"We also committed, for the first time, to a regular set of point releases for
8.04 LTS. These will start three months after the LTS, and be repeated every six
months until the next LTS is out. These point releases will include support for
new hardware as well as rolling up all the updates published in that series to
date. So a fresh install of a point release will work on newer hardware and will
also not require a big download of additional updates."



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