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> what does ipp2p mean? I know p2p means peer to peer
> Please explain
> Thanks
> Kaushal
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>From the official website:

The goal of the IPP2P project is to identify peer-to-peer (P2P) data in IP
traffic. For this purpose we extended the iptables/netfilter architecture by
a new matching module. Thereby IPP2P integrates itself easily into existing
Linux firewalls and it's functionality can be used by adding appropriate
filter rules.
IPP2P uses suitable search patterns to identify P2P traffic thus allowing
the reliable identifcation of traffic belonging to many P2P networks. Once
identified one may handle P2P traffic in different ways - dropping such
traffic, putting into low priority classes or shaping to a given bandwidth
limit is possible. Reducing costs, freeing network ressources and therefore
improving network performance is often the result of using IPP2P.

Hope it answers your questions. It is no longer under development.

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