after installing ubuntu-server, HDD's are not detected in AHCI mode

Ante Karamatić ivoks at
Mon Jun 7 02:57:07 UTC 2010

On 07.06.2010 00:42, scar wrote:

> i am really leaning towards a bug with ubuntu.

Well if the same setup works on other machines of the same type, except 
that one, I would suspect that there is a problem with hardware. My 
personal experience with Sun hardware is actually quite bad, so i I 
avoid them at all costs.

> i noticed something interesting in the installation, during the
> partitioning.  both disks initially showed up as 'free space' but, as
> soon as i carved out the partitions like i did last time, they magically
> showed up as raid/lvm paritions.  so, something was still on the disks.
>   maybe i need to use dd to write zeroes to the entire surface of both disks?

Deleting partitions doesn't delete anything on the disk - it just 
'deletes' contents of MBR. Once you set up partitions, lvm/md will 
detect existing lvm/md partitions and show them. You should delete 
logical and raid volumes before creating new ones.

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