tips setting up DRBD and hearbeat to create high-availability virtual machines

scar scar at
Sun Jun 6 22:27:39 UTC 2010

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hey list,

i am pretty green to setting up linux servers but, it's what i've fallen
into at the moment.  i really like ubuntu-desktop and it looks like
ubuntu-server has everything we need, so i jumped right in.

we have two identical, physical servers with identical hardware.  i
wanted to set them up with several virtual machines (www, ftp, mail,
etc.) and then use DRBD and Heartbeat to make the VM's highly available.

i have already installed ubuntu-server onto both machines separately,
using similar settings and partitioning.  i tasked both with 'openssh
server' and 'virtual machine host' for now.  i created a RAID-1 set
using md and allocated most of it to LVM.  the rest of the free space on
the volume group i was going to use for the various VM's.  (this is
still the beginning, so i am willing to redo any of that, given there is
good enough reason.)

so, what's next?  do i provision out my VM's on server #1 and then setup
DRBD to mirror those partitions onto server #2?  i understand from the
server manual that DRBD can be used to mirror a partition, but there are
probably more intricacies i need to know about if that partition
(logical volume, in this case) contains a virtual machine, no?




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