VMs: creating from bare metal install?

Mark van Harmelen markvanharmelen at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 10:10:42 UTC 2010

Hi everyone

I have no experience of virtualisation, apart from running VirtualBox here
and there, and I'm wondering if anyone has an easy-to-do recommendation for
me, please.

We've been rebuilding one of our server set-ups that is fairly complex. Its
on 9.10.

Has anyone got any experience converting a bare metal server to a virtual
image? For some free target, maybe KVM or one of the Xen products. Xen is
run by one of our friend-companies, so there is a slight preference for
that. We are interested in minimising any potential virtualisation
overheads, so the less interventionist the virtualisation technology, the
better. But if method A is quick and easy to do and is only somewhat slower
than method B, we'd in the first instance go method A (time is tight right

Any hints or pointers to the right direction(s) most appreciated
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