Ubuntu Server: Kernel Configuration Considerations

Michael Zoet Michael.Zoet at zoet.de
Mon Jul 5 10:40:31 UTC 2010

Hi  Kaushal,


> I did manually by running apt-get install linux-image-server on the
> client host. It installed the server kernel which is a manual method.
> is there a way to fix it on the pxe image itself so that whenever new
> clients are being build with Ubuntu 8.04 server. It installs server
> kernel and not generic kernel.

Maybe you need to generate a PXE netboot image that installs the server
kernel? It is really "a long time ago" that I installed something over PXE
but I think these images are just normal desktop images and use the normal
desktop kernels. But I may be wrong. If I'm right you can contribute by
generating different PXE netboot images. Or you can do a feature request
in launchpad.

> Please let me know if i need to furnish additional information about my
> setup.
> Please suggest/guide further.

There are many options available to do things a little different! But I
think this is something every SysAdmin must master for himself/herself.
Just something for you to look further: FAI (search for this on the
Internet) and
These may or may not help you. It depends on your network, your skills and
your willingness to learn.

If I where in your situation I would write a small script that installs
the server kernel, remotely deploy this script on every server, reboot
automatically every server and after a restart deinstalls the desktop

Then I would take a closer look at the content of your PXE install image.


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