Weekly suggestions of bugs for Stable Release Updates.

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Mon Jul 5 14:18:41 BST 2010


We'd like to get your suggestions on the bugs listed below that may be
considered for backports to the stable releases. The bugs must meet
meet the SRU criteria.

= SRU criteria =

As outlined in the Stable Release Updates Policy [1], Stable Release
Updates will only be issued in order to fix *high-impact*

[1]: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#When

Examples of such bugs include:

A. Bugs which may, under realistic circumstances, directly cause a security
   vulnerability. These are done by the Ubuntu Security Team.
B. Bugs which represent severe regressions from the previous release of
   Ubuntu. This includes packages which are totally unusable, like being
   uninstallable or crashing on startup.
C. Bugs which may, under realistic circumstances, directly cause a loss of
   user data.
D. Bugs which do not fit under above categories, but (1) have an obviously
   safe patch and (2) affect an application rather than critical
   infrastructure packages (like X.org or the kernel).
E. For Long Term Support releases we regularly want to enable new hardware.
   Such changes are appropriate provided that we can ensure to not affect
   upgrades on existing hardware. For example, modaliases of newly introduced
   drivers must not overlap with previously shipped drivers.
F. FTBFS (Fails To Build From Source) can also be considered. Please note
   that in main the release process ensures that there are no binaries which
   are not built from a current source. Usually those bugs should only be 
   SRUed in conjunction with another bug fix.

For new upstream versions of packages which provide new features, but don't fix
critical bugs, a backport [2] should be requested instead.

[2]: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports

= How-to suggest a bug for a SRU =

If you find a bug below that would qualify as a Stable Release Update according
to any of the criteria outlined above, you can suggest it by replying to this
email mentioning the bug number and the criteria letter (as defined above):

 * bug 12345 - ...
  +1: A

  * bug 67890 - ...
  +1: D

Bugs listed below that will not be suggested in one week on Mon July 12
will be automatically declined.
=== List of bugs nominated last week: ===

== lucid ==
* bug 579737 - openvpn - Undecided
OpenVPN client connect hangs on PUSH_REQUEST

== karmic ==
== jaunty ==
== hardy ==
== dapper ==

=== List of bugs fixed in maverick: ===

* bug 591100 - autofs5 (Ubuntu) - Undecided
autofs5 eats the cpu if you have large groups

* bug 520601 - autofs5 (Ubuntu) - Medium
package autofs5 5.0.4-3.1ubuntu4 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/sbin/automount', which is also in package autofs 0:4.1.4+debian-3ubuntu1

* bug 575945 - chkrootkit (Ubuntu) - Low
[SRU] chkrootkit falsely flags files owned by Firefox 3 and Sun Java 6 valid packages

* bug 588410 - eucalyptus (Ubuntu) - High
dynamic block storage should use virtio

* bug 595421 - eucalyptus (Ubuntu) - High
Eucalyptus doesn't start with latest stable version of "Groovy"

* bug 598993 - ipmitool (Ubuntu) - Wishlist
Please merge ipmitool 1.8.11-2 (universe) from debian unstable (main)

* bug 591413 - ipmitool (Ubuntu) - Low
.diff file leaves doesn't change timegm to gmtime on line 6782

* bug 580674 - irqbalance (Ubuntu) - Medium
Not stoppable/restartable via initctl

* bug 601700 - libaio (Ubuntu) - Wishlist
Merge libaio 0.3.107-7 (main) from Debian unstable (main)

* bug 599910 - libvirt (Ubuntu) - Undecided
Libvirt/kvm permissions/ownership issue on upgrade from Karmic to Lucid

* bug 579584 - libvirt (Ubuntu) - Medium
setgid, setuid needed by /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/libvirt-qemu

* bug 288358 - nmap (Ubuntu) - Medium
Nmap package missing lua libraries, also doesn't look in debian locations

* bug 579737 - openvpn (Ubuntu) - Medium
OpenVPN client connect hangs on PUSH_REQUEST

* bug 598649 - qemu-kvm (Ubuntu) - Medium
cannot boot grub multiboot image with kvm -kernel

* bug 601004 - setserial (Ubuntu) - High
setserial fails to build from source in maverick

* bug 227881 - tftp-hpa (Ubuntu) - Undecided
tftpd-hpa does not use /etc/default/tftp-hpa options

* bug 589142 - tickcount (Ubuntu) - Medium

* bug 590111 - whois (Ubuntu) - Wishlist
Please merge whois (5.0.5) main from debian unstable

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