[ubuntu-server] Stable Release Update for Spamassassin

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Mon Jan 4 21:48:18 UTC 2010

> On 01/03/2010 01:50 PM, Eric Hammond wrote:
>> Scott:
>> Thanks for the notice.  I hadn't heard this anywhere else.
>> I added the following to my spamassassin prefs as a workaround:
>>    score FH_DATE_PAST_20XX 0
>> When I get a bit more time, I'll test -proposed.  Do you know when this
>> might get into -updates?
>> --
>> Eric Hammond
>> Scott Kitterman wrote:
>>> As many of you who run Spamassassin already know, there is a bug (see
>>> https://bugs.launchpad.net/hardy-backports/+bug/502071 for details) in
>>> Spamassassin where all mails sent in 2010 are tripping the
>>> rule.
>>> For some sites, this may cause all mail that is not explicitly
>>> whitelisted to
>>> get marked spam (it's a relatively heavily scored rule).  This is
>>> already fixed
>>> in hardy-backports and lucid.  It does not affect the packaged versions
>>> of
>>> spamassassin in dapper or dapper-backports.
>>> There are proposed updates for hardy, intrepid, jaunty, and karmic that
>>> need
>>> testing.  They are all built or building now and should be available in
>>> the *-
>>> proposed repository.  Please test and comment in the bug so we can get
>>> these
>>> out to *-updates as soon as possible.  See the bug for details.
>>> Scott K
> I think it's already in -updates.
> root at voy:/store# apt-cache policy spamassassin
> spamassassin:
>    Installed: (none)
>    Candidate: 3.2.5-4ubuntu0.1
>    Version table:
>       3.2.5-4ubuntu0.1 0
>          500 http://voy karmic-updates/main Packages
>       3.2.5-4 0
>          500 http://voy karmic/main Packages

It is.  The fix is published in -updates for Hardy, Intrepid, Jaunty, and
Karmic (Dapper was not affected).  The backport in hardy-backports is also
fixed.  It's done all the way around.

Thank you to those who helped with fixing and testing.  Getting fixed
uploaded, tested, and released for 5 releases (I fixed Lucid too) in two
days is pretty good I think.

Scott K

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