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Jorge O. Castro jorge at
Fri Aug 20 19:56:30 UTC 2010

Hi server-folk!

At UDS during the community-server session we noticed that the Adopt a
Package/Upstream projects are doing well on the desktop side, but is
virtually non-existant on the Server side. Let's change that! Here are
the pages for the projects:

The BugSquad page has a list of packages from the desktop folks of
applications that need to be adopted. Those of you who have insight on
packages that need love PLEASE add them to this list, also if you want
to be a contact for something your an expert in then add yourself.
Once we know which packages need the most love then we can work on
finding people who want to rock it.

If you are unfamiliar with adoption, the basic idea is that upstream
projects have a "guru" person who is involved in both Ubuntu and the
upstream project, and can help be the bridge. I work on a document for
upstream projects on that tries to
outline "how to work with us". The upstream contact/adoptee is the
person who helps them get the information they need to work with us.
This can be anything from development, to bug work, to even just
pointing people in the right direction in IRC.

If you know someone who is doing this kind of work (and they are out
there), then I need your help so we can talk about their contributions
to this important work. Here's two examples of some adoptees whose
work is being recognized not only in Ubuntu but by upstream projects

Feel free to ping me if you know people doing this kind of thing, and
better yet, blog/tweet about it yourself!

Jorge Castro
Canonical Ltd.
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