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Adam Sommer asommer70 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 19:01:57 UTC 2010

Hey Matthew,

Seems like the best long term option for the Server Guide is option 2, so I
think we should focus discussion on it... at least until a major problem
turns up, or something else blocks progress :-).

> 2. We could take the serverguide out of the ubuntu-docs bzr branch /
> source package, and put it in its own bzr branch which wouldn't be a
> source package and which wouldn't have the same constraints. That
> would raise some process issues about how the docteam would manage the
> separate branch and translations of the guide, which is a conversation
> I'm happy to have, but equally would be quite a big change so we
> should discuss it carefully. Possible disadvantages might include
> having to manage different processes for different documents; and
> potential divergence of common files used (such as those in the "libs"
> folder).

I think it should be pretty easy to keep the libs directory synced between a
serverguide branch and the main ubuntu-docs branch.  I imagine bzr merge
will come in quite handy for this.  The process should work pretty easy
between all common files.  I don't like duplication much... maybe a Makefile
statement can handle the merge, or some other automated process.

Seems like overall the process for contributing to the serverguide branch
will be very similar to the ubuntu-docs branch as well.  We'll need to
update the instructions in the wiki, but hopefully it won't be too
complicated for new contributors.

Another idea that comes to mind is potentially adding some type of shell
script to the ubuntu-docs package that would create a local branch.
 Something like:

  ubuntu-docs get source
  ubuntu-docs get serverguide
  ubuntu-docs get kubuntu-docs

That would probably require the ubuntu-docs package to require bzr, so maybe
not such a great idea.  And it's sort of getting off topic :-).

I'm fuzzy on the translations aspect... what issues can you see with
creating a separate serverguide branch?  I imagine that would require them
to look into two different places for translations?

Thanks for you feedback Matthew.

Party On,
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