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Adam Sommer asommer70 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 18:07:41 UTC 2010

Hey Scott,

> I would particularly like it if this meant we could do more to fix docs in
> current releases.  Both of the docs bugs I recently files should be fixed
> for
> Lucid as well as Maverick.

I think past releases will have to be updated using the SRU process.  I know
the Doc Team is usually pretty/very slow to issue updates, but since the
package was in those releases, I think the past process will apply.

Anyone on the Doc Team have input about that issue?

> I would not like it if the server guide devolved into just another set of
> wiki
> pages.  I would like for the current configuration management to be
> maintained.

That is definitely the plan at this point.  If at some time in the future
there are more contributors that could change some, but I imagine there will
always be a limited commit access with proper review and vetting of
material.  Also, this allows from translation to be parallel with the
English version.

Thanks for your feedback Scott.

Party On,
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