Server Team 20100810 meeting minutes

Thierry Carrez thierry.carrez at
Wed Aug 11 07:47:14 UTC 2010


Here are the minutes of meeting. They can also be found online with the
irc logs here:

==== Meeting Actions ====
 * everyone to pick 1 or 2 papercuts for the beta cycle
 * zul to continue clean up the SRU assignee list by prodding people on
 * SpamapS to finalize and send ruby gems proposal to ubuntu-devel
 * ttx to send email about 10.04.1 release process to server team

==== Review ACTION points from previous meeting ====

All actions were incomplete and were carried over. The rubygems proposal
is being finalized, with the hope to fix it in maverick, but more
realistically for maverick+1.

==== Maverick development (jib) ====

Alpha3 was delivered last week, beta started with this list[1]. This
should be vetted by everyone, so that's the deliverable as far as jib is


==== 10.04.1 release (ttx) ====

10.04.1 was just postponed to next Tuesday, so initial plans need to be
adjusted. Since ttx and Daviey will be away, jib, mathiaz and smoser
should lead that effort. This will be confirmed by an email from ttx.
Bug 571057 will make it, thanks to mathiaz last-minute merge and testing.

==== Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (hggdh) ====

hggdh reported new regressions in eucalyptus. A fix is in the works and
should land tomorrow. smoser asked about people using uec-provisioning,
and Daviey reported using it with success. SpamapS raised an extremely
high new bug rate over the last few weeks, but old timers dismissed it
as a very normal new bug rate.

==== Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (jjohansen) ====

jjohansen reported bug 597387 as now working in all zones. For bug
574910, he has a test kernel building, and should have an update for
that tonight.

==== Weekly Updates & Questions for the Community Team (kim0) ====

kim0 launched the maps effort for 10.04.1: see

==== Open Discussion ====

Daviey raised bug 613463 -- the dependency should be reverted, pending a
discussion with cjwatson on a potentially better fix. And SpamapS
bragged about CEPH being in Maverick now !

==== Agree on next meeting date and time ====

Next meeting will be on Tuesday 2010-08-17 at 1800 UTC - #ubuntu-meeting

Thierry Carrez
Ubuntu server team

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