Ubuntu server and cloud IRC consolidation

Ahmed Kamal ahmed.kamal at canonical.com
Mon Aug 9 14:59:32 UTC 2010

Hi folks,

I've been thinking about ways to grow the Ubuntu server and cloud 
communities. As it stands, I think there is a bit of fragmentation in 
the server and cloud related IRC channels. Since active and 
knowledgeable IRC community members are a valuable resource, I think it 
is beneficial to consolidate channels. Here's what I think could help

I suggest that #Ubuntu-virt be closed, and all traffic and new joines 
force-redirected to #ubuntu-server.

Similarly, that #Ubuntu-ec2 and #Ubuntu-ensemble be closed and all 
traffic and new joins force-redirected to #ubuntu-cloud.


  1) Development discussion happens in #ubuntu-devel
     * e.g. packaging, patching, debugging, development, etc.

  2) Traditional server discussion happens in #ubuntu-server
     * e.g. running Ubuntu on your server hardware or in a virtual 
machine, getting it installed, configuration/management of services,
virtualization, etc.

  3) New-age cloud server discussion happens in #ubuntu-cloud
     * e.g. running UEC private clouds, running Ubuntu in EC2, cloud 
work loads, ensemble cloud magic, etc.

When someone /join #ubuntu-ec2, they're plopped right into #ubuntu-cloud 
(and the same for the other consolidated channels).

Would love to hear your feedback

Kind Regards

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