Lucid Root on RAID1

Dustin Kirkland kirkland at
Mon Apr 26 04:10:13 UTC 2010


All of the testing I've done on Lucid/RAID1 at the milestones has been
within KVM, using file-backed disk images, which continues to work
well.  While this is a convenient test scenario, obviously it doesn't
match "real life".

This weekend, I reinstalled my primary server at home with Lucid and
tried to put / on a RAID1.  I struggled mightily with this, eventually

I run into a number of problems, beginning with my reboot landing me
in (initramfs) shell, and unable to mount /dev/md0 (though it exists,
and is syncing).

I'm wondering if anyone else in the Ubuntu Server community can help
confirm or deny this bug.  You would need to have real hardware with
two disks, that you can reinstall.  Please post your results here, if
you can help test this.



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