remove dovecot-postfix from lucid

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Fri Apr 16 19:23:10 UTC 2010

"Ante Karamatić" <ivoks at> wrote:

>On 16.04.2010 19:45, Douglas Stanley wrote:
>> Isn't that more or less what happens when dpkg configures postfix anyway? Am I
>> missing something that would make this task so difficult it's not worth doing?
>Unfortunately, it's not that easy. postfix's configuration can be edited 
>with 'postconf' tool. Packages can't edit configuration files on 
>install, but they can use interface to configuration. postconf is an 
>interface to
>> I would vote for not shipping just an extra (potentially confusing)
>> config in a package
>> name that could also possibly confuse people, when there could be a
>> better way to
>> make it end user friendly.
>So, dovecot now supports conf.d directory, in the same way apache or 
>amavisd-new have split configs. This allows us to have standard 
>dovecot.conf and then additional configuration overrides in 
>/etc/dovecot/conf.d directory. So, dovecot will read it's usual 
>configuration file that will include configs from conf.d directory. In 
>the same way it now uses dovecot-sql.conf or dovecot-ldap.conf. Does 
>that solves the issue? Note: upstream added this feature, not Ubuntu or 

It sounds like it does. If you can prepare an update and get it uploaded, I can review it for the release team. 

Scott. K

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