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On Thu, Apr 1, 2010 at 8:17 AM, Etienne Goyer
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> Mathias Gug wrote:
>> ==== UDS-M topics ====
>> ScottK brought up the idea of having a session at UDS on what we wanted the
>> next LTS to look like to have an idea of longer term stuff.
> I would second that.  Long-term planning is a good thing, even if we are
> only throwing ideas around at this time.
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I don't suppose the UDS will be in Texas again for a few years...

Long-term brainstorming: +1. Even if nothing official is stated, it's
good to have direction and some goals.

Papercuts +2. Refinements like those taken care of with papercuts are
more important than one would think for the image of Ubuntu. Great
idea. Are these fixes traveling upstream when applicable (to Debian,
if not to the source?) I'm ignorant of the entire process, but I know
the benefits this has.

Luke L.

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