WRT launchpad bug #422138, possible HTTPS memory leak regression in hardy 8.04 LTS

Joe McDonagh joseph.e.mcdonagh at gmail.com
Sat Sep 26 12:22:59 UTC 2009

I'm looking for someone to confirm a problem I am seeing that may be a 
regression. Anyone got a test hardy box with the latest updates that can 
run HTTPS, and doesn't mind if it might crash due to OOM?

Then use the command:

ab -n 2000000 -c 100 -f TLS11 https://webserver/ <https://webserver/>

against it, while watching top. Then compare that on the same server to 
http://webserver/. What I see is outlined here:


Basically the oldest children never free any of their memory when using 
the SSL port, which looks an awful lot like:


Yet I have shown in my apt-cache policy in my ticket that I am running 
the version from -updates, unless I am missing something. If anybody can 
confirm this and chime in on 422138 that would be great.

Joe McDonagh
Operations Engineer

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