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Soren Hansen soren at
Fri Sep 25 09:44:07 UTC 2009

Hi, guys!

As promised, I'd like to start a discussion about the time for our
weekly meeting. 

I chose to start this discussion, because the current time (1500-1645
UTC [1]) is extremely inconvenient for me, as the only chance I have at
family time is from 17:00-19:00 (local time) or 1500-1700 (UTC).

Like everyone else, I of course prefer to have all my meetings when I'm
actually at work, which is from 8:00 to 17:00 or thereabouts, but I
understand that given a sufficiently geographically diverse team, this
can not always be honoured.  As such I'm more than happy to have late
evening meetings to avoid having meetings during my limited family time

So, the acceptable times in UTC during European DST for me are: 

Outside of European DST, my acceptable times are:

If everyone who is truly interested in participating in the meeting
could follow up on this e-mail with your acceptable times for the
meeting, then I can try and sum things up, and we can discuss it at the
meeting on Tuesday and make a final decision over e-mail very soon
afterwards (so that people who are unable to attend at the current
meeting time also can be part of the decision process).

[1]: It's only actually scheduled for one hour, but recently, the de
facto time one needs to reserve for this meeting seems to be a bit more
than an hour and a half.

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