Reporting bugs with the Ubuntu EC2 images

Scott Moser smoser at
Thu Sep 10 16:40:02 UTC 2009

On Wed, 9 Sep 2009, Eric Hammond wrote:

> I used to send folks here to report bugs running Ubuntu on EC2:
> Where should they go in the new bug structure?

> It seems unlikely that EC2 users will know what package is causing their
> problem.

Thats fine.  They don't have to specify a package.  Obviously its nice if
they know, but not a requirement.

> Will all Ubuntu on EC2 bugs be filed against "ubuntu"?

Yes, they should be.  So that link should work. Alternatively, shows all bugs with expanded tasks
(targetted release and such)

> It seems more complicated to have to tell people reporting bugs to open
> the "Extra Options" and add a tag of "ec2-images".

Agreed, but the URL above should work around that, right?  Additionally,
(I think) we can make 'ubuntu-bug' when run from inside the images
tag the created bug appropriately.

> Perhaps there could be a wiki page with complete instructions on how to
> file a problem with Ubuntu on EC2 including things like "Report the AMI
> id of the image you are running".

Agreed again.  I'd suggest something placed at like
and a link off of .

If we get something there, I'll make sure they're linked from the amazon
pages ([1] and [2]) so that ec2 users could find the link without having
to dig on


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