RAID stripe size?

Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk roy at
Mon Sep 7 19:12:01 UTC 2009

On 7. sep.. 2009, at 14.34, Mark van Harmelen wrote:

> Hi everyone, i'm building a raid array right now, RAID 0 (yup  
> there's a reason), unidentified adaptec hardware in an ebay sourced  
> server, 15K 73GB U320 scsi x3 (HP 360209-004)
> I'm being asked for a 16, 32 or 64 KB stripe size, any help soon  
> appreciated!!

Firstly, the questions aren't really Ubuntu-specific, but rather  
computer general, so for later quiestions like this, there might be  
better places to ask.

Secondly, if using RAID-0, why on earth would you use a controller?  
Software RAID-0 is /way/ fater than the so-called hardware RAID-0.  
There is software in there doing it, without you seeing it, and the  
CPU power of that controller is probably 1/20 or so worth of your CPU  
core(s). I did this VoD project some years back, and with software  
RAID-0 we had about the same performance on a four-drive (120GB 7k2  
hardware) than we got with "hardware RAID" on some 14 drives spinning  
at 15k on a Compaq RAID system. 7k2 drives aren't that slow, after  
all, if you can avoid excessive seeking (read "use large chunk sizes").

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