Spamassassin - Lucid Development

Dave Walker DaveWalker at
Wed Nov 11 13:48:57 GMT 2009


It's looking like I will be unable to attend this weeks development
meeting, so wanted to convey progress on the action item regarding
spamassassin from last weeks meeting.

I have been discussing the issue with spamassassin dev's, they are being
receptive, and seem happy to work with us to get a newer version in Lucid.

They are preparing an RC shortly for version 3.4.  One of the devs
stated that the current 3.4-head branch is quite stable, but has 3 bugs
that are blocking RC status.  Once these are resolved, I have proposed
that we track 3.4 development through the RC's/Beta with regular uploads
during the cycle.  The discussion with Spamassassin is still ongoing,
but it is looking most likely that we should be able to ship a stable
release, rather than a revision snapshot.

Apologies for being unable to attend.

Kind Regards,
Dave Walker

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