logrotate problem (maybe)

Imre Gergely gimre at narancs.net
Sun May 10 08:22:22 UTC 2009

Björn Torkelsson wrote:

> Read /usr/share/doc/logrotate/README.Debian

Ouch... is this a Debian 'invention', or do other distros use it? 
Anybody care to enlighten me why this is good? Some pointers to a 
maillist discussion maybe?
How can it be disabled without messing with /etc/syslog.conf ?

I looked at /etc/cron.*/sysklogd, and there is a syslogd-listfiles 
script, which lists some logfiles to be rotated.

gimre at ds9:/etc/cron.daily$ syslogd-listfiles
gimre at ds9:/etc/cron.daily$ syslogd-listfiles -w

The first list is the list of daily rotated logfiles, notice the 
/var/log/mail.* missing, and only mail.err is in the second list (to be 
rotated weekly).

So I still don't know where the mail.log, mail.info and mail.warn get 

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