partman-auto-raid shown in docs but not on server cd (8.04)

Joe McDonagh joseph.e.mcdonagh at
Mon Mar 2 17:37:12 UTC 2009

Hi Mathias, thanks for the response. This now leaves me with two questions:

1. Why do the 8.04 preseed docs include this information then? It's very 
2. Could you expound on what you mean by a network install? I currently 
do a netboot then grab all my packages from a mirror. Are you saying to 
use the netboot portion from intrepid, but point my mirror at the hardy 
target? This won't cause any problems?

Mathias Gug wrote:
> Hi Joe,
> On Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 11:37:29AM -0500, Joe McDonagh wrote:
>> Hi All, this is a somewhat old (2 month) problem that has recently come 
>> back on my radar. I cannot for the life of me get partman-auto-raid to 
>> work in my preseed. The udeb doesn't even look like it's in the regular 
>> server distribution. 
> partman-auto-raid has been included on the server cd starting from
> Intrepid. If you're using 8.04 you cannot preseed a raid install using
> a -server cd install. However a network install might work.

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