Timo Aaltonen tjaalton at
Tue Jun 30 16:44:34 UTC 2009

On Tue, 30 Jun 2009, Etienne Goyer wrote:

> Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk wrote:
>> Hi all
>> Is it likely that nfs4acl will be included in the next release? It's
>> about time to move over to newer stuff...
> Preparing a spec on the subject has been on my TODO for almost two
> years.  Yeah, procrastination!
> For NFSv4 ACL to find their way into Ubuntu, we would need to package
> nfs4-acl-tools, which can be found on the NFSv4 reference implementation
> page. AFAIK, it have not been packaged for Debian yet.

I've packaged it:

and replied to the Debian ITP bug:

but no reply so far. It could go in Karmic first, of course.

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