work around for loading qlogic fibre channel card firmware in initramfs

James Dinkel jdinkel at
Thu Jun 25 21:30:48 UTC 2009

Installing multipath did nothing (as I figured).  So I've done a fresh
install of 9.04 Server and installed all updates.  I rebooted and did 'sudo
rmmod qla2xxx' and 'sudo modprobe qla2xxx' and thought the SAN disk shows
up, I can not access it.  fdisk and kpartx both give a read error.  I've
even tried downloading new firmware files from qlogic with no change.  This
works just fine in Debian Testing, so I'm thinking this must be a driver

Does anyone have any ideas?  Should I submit a bug report?  I really hope
this gets fixed before I have to give in and put *yuck* RHEL on this


On Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 9:50 AM, James Dinkel <jdinkel at> wrote:

> I did get the hook script working too though, and this gets rid of the boot
> delay.  Here is the script:
> ---------------------------
> #!/bin/sh -e
> # initramfs hook for qlogic ql2312 firmware
> # Output pre-requisites
> prereqs()
> {
>         echo "$PREREQ"
> }
> case "$1" in
>     prereqs)
>         prereqs
>         exit 0
>         ;;
> esac
> cp -p /lib/udev/ ${DESTDIR}/lib/udev/
> mkdir -p ${DESTDIR}/lib/firmware
> cp -p /lib/firmware/ql2300_fw.bin ${DESTDIR}/lib/firmware/
> cp -p /lib/udev/rules.d/50-firmware.rules ${DESTDIR}/lib/udev/rules.d/
> -------------------------------
> HOWEVER, either way I still can not access the LUN.  I can see the LUN.
> Two new devices show up (sdc and sdd), but 'sudo fdisk /dev/sdc' gives
> 'Unable to read /dev/sdc'.  You may notice this is a multipathed device, so
> it shows up twice, and I have not set up the multipathing software yet, but
> I'm pretty sure I could acess the devices on Fedora and on Debian before
> setting up dm-multipath.
> I'll set up dm-multipath next and see if that helps anything.
> James
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