Call-for-Testing: KVM-84 Backport

Lionel Porcheron lionel.porcheron at
Thu Jun 25 12:10:05 UTC 2009

Ante Karamatić a écrit :
> Tim Gardner wrote:
>> You know that I'm pretty close to uploading a 9.04 server kernel to
>> Hardy proposed, don't you?
> Uh... That will require backporting some userspace tools (drbd says
> hello again :) from 9.04 and moving them to hardy proposed at the same
> time as kernel. Could we sync that effort somehow?
> Another way out would be putting dkms-enabled drbd in proposed, so that
> it's (almost) independent of kernel changes.

As I understand the spec, this will not become the default kernel. We
will have to find a way to maitain userland tools (kvm, drbd,
redhat-cluster-suite & co) for both kernels? It may be a good start to
push that in a PPA (with for example access for kernel + server teams)
instead of -proposed.

As a side note, will there be an installer based on that new kenerl?
Most of the problem with servers needing newer kernels are "Oups, I
don't see my disk", not "I have no sound".



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