Interface bonding

Serge van Ginderachter serge at
Thu Jun 18 09:43:18 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I have been following
to set up a bond of two network interfaces, and it seems to me this
documentatuoin has certain flaws.

No problem with the Module Alias Configuration. AFAIK this
configuration will already make sure that the bonding module is probed
and loaded. I then have some remarks on the interface configuration

* loading and unloading the module through pre-up and post-down
statements is not necessary, as the loading already happens in de
modproe.d config, and might even be unwanted in tha case were one has
multiple bonds configured, which would (try to) unload the module
after bringing one bond down, whilst it still being in use for another
* configuring the bond  (ifenslave bond0 eth1 eth2) in the (post-)up
statements didn't work for me: it seemed (post-)up happens after
configuring an ip, but at that time the bond is not configured yet,
and configuring the ip results in an error. I'm not totally sure if
this is eneral logical behaviour or if I just messed something up at
one point in my config trial and error.
* finally, this howto does not mention the by far easier method
explained in /usr/share/doc/ifenslave-2.6/README.Debian: it's just
enough to use the "slaves eth0 eth1" in the iface bond0 stanza

It might be interesting to have those remarks reviewed, to check if my
evaluation is correct.

     Met vriendelijke groet,

     Serge van Ginderachter

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