work around for loading qlogic fibre channel card firmware in initramfs

James Dinkel jdinkel at
Thu Jun 18 00:41:53 UTC 2009

On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 7:30 PM, Paul Schulz <paul at> wrote:

> Hi James,
> This should only be necessary if you need access tot he qlogin fibre
> attached storage during the boot process.
> Once the system has booted, the 'regular' qlogic driver will then be
> available in the usual place. (Whether it work or not in another
> question.)
> I have machines that have qlogic cards in them and I will have the
> same issue when I get around to using ubuntu on them. (Test machines..
> yeah!)
> Cheers,
> Paul

I don't need the qlogic card for boot, but I can't see the drives after
boot, either.  Also, it pauses for a good long minute at the very beginning
of the boot process while it looks for the firmware.  Debian Testing has
this same problem with pausing for a long time at the exact same point
during boot and installing a package named something like firmware-qla23xx
took care of the boot delay and I was able to see the SAN LUNs.
Unfortunately this firmware-qla23xx package does not exist in the Ubuntu
repos, since the firmware is already installed but apparently broken.

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