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Mon Jun 8 14:57:05 UTC 2009

There are a number of meta questions.

1) the education of desire - some would call it marketing - what do we
really want? what do we really need

2) intimacy - we don't really understand anything we don't get close to.
Buying a spare box (surplus market ~$100, installing a server, playing,
reloading, playing some more, gives us a basis on which to hang information
and build knowledge

3) awareness - we need to listen in to the conversations paying attention to
the threads that address our desires

4) economy - as we make investments (intellectual and otherwise) we start to
form notions of return on future marginal investments, books, classes,
mentoring, barcamps, presentations

5) sharing. Open source is different. Hammering it into the cash economy
does damage even to the hammer when you are using your head.

Canonical is obliged to complete the services expected by the cash world. I
think they have done so. They should not be surprised when the natural
economy finds them expensive.

On Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 4:19 AM, Billy Cina <billy.cina at canonical.com> wrote:

>  Hi Luke,
> An excellent discussion point - thanks! We really are interested in
> receiving this type of input.
> Some issues to consider:
> 1. Online virtual training requires from Canonical:
>    - Investment in Livelabs infrastructure
>    - Investment in course material development and production
>     - Instructor to prepare and host the course
>    - Technical support on tap before, after and for the duration of the
>    course
> The only 'money saved' is on classroom facility and when you take into
> account the costs of technical support and the livelabs infrastructure, this
> is comparable.
> 2. Market rates - Compare Canonical training prices to competitors and you
> will see that per hour and for the quality of material and training
> provided, we are on par.
> So, taking all the above into consideration, how much would you consider a
> reasonable amount to pay for online virtual training?
> Billy Cina
> Ubuntu Training Programme Manager
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> I've always thought the price of "official" training courses on
> technical skills for certifications was outrageous. However,
> Canonical's server training requires no hotel reservations. No travel
> on their end, either.
> I don't think Canonical needs to charge $2,200 per attendee on a 40
> hour course to cover costs and make some money. Many universities
> don't charge that much for a 3 credit hour semester long course. If
> Canonical made their services stand out as the best VALUE option for
> Linux systems, people will come in droves. The more enthusiasts and
> professionals you can put out that are certified (and truly qualified)
> to use and deploy Ubuntu Server, the better. You aren't going to get
> very many people outside large organizations to sign up for this, as
> Ubuntu skills aren't in nearly as much demand as other Linux systems.
> Something to consider is this:http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/57308
> Short story: When Steam dropped the cost of a very successful game by
> 50%, its sales went through the roof. Now, Canonical is selling a
> service here, not software, so I appreciate the difference. However,
> the point remains (even without the example) that lower cost generally
> leads to greater demand. Charge a REASONABLE, AFFORDABLE price for a
> QUALITY product, and people will come.
> Finally, I cannot know the full costs to Canonical of hosting this
> program, I can only know that $2,200 is a lot of money. Companies
> don't always pay for training, you know.
> Correct me if I'm wrong, really. I would like any insight possible, I
> am just sharing my thoughts on the matter.
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> Billy Cina
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