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OK , so I have built php-fpm 

I am wanting to put this into a ppa ;)

It is a patch to php5 , a binary "php-fpm" , and a config file "php-fpm.conf"

So basically it is a replacement / patch for php5-common (the patch part) + a binary and config file (the php-fpm part).

The binary builds in several locations :


The config file is in the same location.

I can clean up the build / config files and install locations (it would be a few edits to the config files really), but the question I now have is :

How to package this ? keep it in php5-cgi and apache ? Make /  split into a package "php-fpm" or "php5-fpm" ? So suggestions how best to package this ?

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The second issue / question is php-fpm :

When installing the patch,

apt-get source php5-cgi

apply patch

patch applies without any problem

but then building the package (php5-cgi ? ) pulls (and then builds) all the php5 dependencies, including those from apache, try 

apt-get build-dep php5-cgi

dpkg-buildpackage -uc -b

And you will see, all the apache dependencies are pulled and built

Which gets back to my first e-mail , ie separating apache from php5 for those using php5-cgi with lighttpd and / or nginx or other http servers.

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El jue, 04-06-2009 a las 11:10 -0500, James Dinkel escribió:
> Use aptitude.
> Apt-get will probably install php5 without Apache if you break it up
> in to two steps:
> "sudo apt-get install php5-cgi"
> then "sudo apt-get install php5"

I agree with James.

php5 packaged depends on:

libapache2-mod-php5 OR libapache2-mod-php5filter OR php5-cgi,

So install php5-cgi first and it won't install any apache dependencies.



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