Does anyone else think Ubuntu Server Online Training costs far too much?

Luke L lukehasnoname at
Sun Jun 7 01:52:47 UTC 2009

I've always thought the price of "official" training courses on
technical skills for certifications was outrageous. However,
Canonical's server training requires no hotel reservations. No travel
on their end, either.

I don't think Canonical needs to charge $2,200 per attendee on a 40
hour course to cover costs and make some money. Many universities
don't charge that much for a 3 credit hour semester long course. If
Canonical made their services stand out as the best VALUE option for
Linux systems, people will come in droves. The more enthusiasts and
professionals you can put out that are certified (and truly qualified)
to use and deploy Ubuntu Server, the better. You aren't going to get
very many people outside large organizations to sign up for this, as
Ubuntu skills aren't in nearly as much demand as other Linux systems.

Something to consider is this:

Short story: When Steam dropped the cost of a very successful game by
50%, its sales went through the roof. Now, Canonical is selling a
service here, not software, so I appreciate the difference. However,
the point remains (even without the example) that lower cost generally
leads to greater demand. Charge a REASONABLE, AFFORDABLE price for a
QUALITY product, and people will come.

Finally, I cannot know the full costs to Canonical of hosting this
program, I can only know that $2,200 is a lot of money. Companies
don't always pay for training, you know.

Correct me if I'm wrong, really. I would like any insight possible, I
am just sharing my thoughts on the matter.
Luke L.

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