Bodhi Zazen bodhi.zazen at
Thu Jun 4 05:11:20 UTC 2009

I was directed to this mailing list from #ubuntu-motd 

I am looking at php-fpm which is a patch to php5.

I can build it from source with no problem and was wondering how to incorporate it into the Ubuntu php5 packaging, which is a bit complex.

As I look at php5 I see it is a meta package and lists some apache packages as dependencies. 

However, these apache dependencies are not needed if one is running lighttpd , nginx, or other http server.

So with that in mind ...

First has there been any thought or discussion into changing the dependencies for php5 to incorporate other http servers (it would seem that part would be easy). If not I would respectfully suggest considering such a change (otherwise php5 pulls in apache-common and one has to then stop apahce and remove it from the boot scripts).

Second, are there any suggestions on how to package php5-fpm ? The patched php code would replace php5-common as far as I can tell, but how to incorporate that change into the meta package ?

I should say that I am new to packaging and am considering providing php-fpm in a ppa and am looking for advice on how to start ?

At this time it is easy to php-fpm on nginx, from php / fpm source ) which makes for a light weight http server , yet very fast (at least with static pages and php). Perfect for a VPS (with 256 Mb RAM). Any advice ?

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