Please review and advocate 389-directory-server (a successor of LDAP) related packages in REVU so that 389 can make it into Karmic

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Well, multi-master has its own drawbacks :

Or, for a more balanced view ? :

So, in practice, for large-scale deployment, with lots of writes/updates
(and this is not the typical usage of a directory : 99% read and 1% write)
then multi-master has some limitations intrinsic to the functions itself. As
a consequence, most of the writes are then done on one single
directory that is replicated. In several particular context (we are working
a lot with school districts) every new school year : 10-20% of accounts
are deleted and 10-20% created and most of the groups updated : multi-master
will not help during the august-september period. After this period,
the directory can be considered read-only (in fact, most of the services
used read-only openLDAP replicas).

If the directory content is fairly static then having this feature is really
cool. This is not integrated "out of the box" in openLDAP but it is almost
there :
 promoting a new master is easy to automatize and, from a user experience,
it provides a functionnality very similar to the "intrinsic" multi-master
capacity of 389.

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> >> outside this commentary, I agree que FDS is a better solution for
> >> manager LDAP/OpenLDAP structure.
> >
> > Could you be more specific about the advantages of 389 directory over
> openldap?
> >
> > One of the best ldap server (openldap) is already available in the
> > archive and I was wondering what are the advantages of having another
> > full-blown ldap server to maintain in addition to openldap?
> mmm.. I believe that the principal characteristic or advantage of 389,
> is the multi-master replication...
> this is a big advantage in high-available infrastructures.
> Further, most administrators have one or various front-end for
> administer the LDAP tree. In this case, the GUI is part official of
> project.
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