Setting console VGA mode

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Fri Jul 17 18:53:50 UTC 2009

I have just run up a new Ubuntu home server, a Dell PowerEdge 600SC
(P4, 2.8GHz, 512MB RAM) running 8.04-3. It has a plain VGA monitor -
monochrome, even - on it. Mostly, I expect to administer it from ssh.

But I do need to use the console sometimes, and it would be helpful to
set the console VGA mode to more than 80x25.

Using info from these pages:

... after a little fiddling, I found that the max my old VDU will
display is 80x60. I set this by adding


to the end of my kernel line in /boot/grub/menu.lst

I also removed the "quiet" and "splash" parameters.

However, although this works, it is reset back to 80x25 as soon as init starts.

This is not a unique problem - the same one is documented here:

Is there any way to disable the custom console-font-setting that
occurs so that I can keep my hires text console?

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