ubuntu server 9.04 rsync/ext4 bug

dale sykora dale.sykora at hp.com
Mon Jul 6 16:13:36 UTC 2009

  I've noticed an occasional problem running rsync.  When running rsync, 
sometimes the system becomes unresponsive.  Running top, I notice the 
system load continually increasing and I cannot kill rsync (even with 
sudo kill -9 <rsync_process_id>).  I have to reboot or shutdown the 
system to recover.  Rsync is basically syncing from another host (rsync 
-Pav some_host::dir2sync/ /local/dir/) or from a locally mounted cifs 
share (rsync -Pav /mnt/win_share/ /another/local/dir/).  My local 
filesystems are ext4.  This seems to happen when running 2 or more rsync 
processes at the same time.  I didn't have this problem with rhel5.
  Any suggestions to help debug this problem.  I have never run a system 
trace or similar debug tool.  If that would be useful, let me know.


Dale Sykora


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