Call for testing screen-profiles

Dustin Kirkland kirkland at
Sat Jan 24 20:20:39 UTC 2009

On Sat, Jan 24, 2009 at 2:21 AM, Mark Schouten <mark at> wrote:
> 1: I have no objection to depending on screen-profiles.
> 2: It should not be necessary to change the screen-package. If you
> include the plain-profile in the screen-profiles package, one can always
> switch back.

Well, I'm not including the "plain" profile.  I'm just symlink'ing to
it.  I'd rather not include the "plain" profile, since screen provides
that, and upstream Debian, from time to time, makes
modifications/fixes to it.

> 3: Why not give an extra option when running select-screen-profile as
> root, to install it system-wide? I would not like to see the
> ubuntu-thingie as default.
> 4: See 2

Running things as root is generally avoid in Ubuntu.

We could handle it, through update-alternatives, (see
/etc/alternatives).  I'll have a look at that.


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