Call for testing screen-profiles

Dustin Kirkland kirkland at
Fri Jan 23 17:38:23 UTC 2009

Thanks for the feedback so far!

Based on the comments on this thread, I have made a number of changes
to screen-profiles that I hope you find a bit better.

 * I changed the default escape sequence back to ctrl-a, since this
matches most default expectations, and all of the documentation.

 * I merged some functionality from Nick Barcet, which adds a page in
the helper menu (F9); here, you can easily change your escape sequence
to some other key; this is stored and loaded from your
~/.screenrc/keybindings file;  this would be a good place to put any
additional customizations to your keybindings that you might prefer.

 * We're not launching screen by default.  This is a toggle, on a per
user basis, in the helper menu (F9)

 * I did add a "Recommends: screen-profiles" to the screen package,
such that it gets installed on the server.

 * At this point, it's still required that each user run
"select-screen-profile" and choose "ubuntu" to benefit from this
functionality.  I would like to consider:
  1. making screen *depend* on screen-profiles
  2. moving the default /etc/screenrc installed by screen to something
like /etc/screenrc.plain
  3. installing the ubuntu profile to /etc/screenrc such that all
Ubuntu screen users have the ubuntu screen profile by default
  4. maintaining the ability to switch *back* to the plain profile
through select-screen-profile and the helper menu

Thoughts on the latter proposition?


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