Call for testing screen-profiles

Michael Hipp Michael at
Thu Jan 15 22:55:49 UTC 2009

Mark Schouten wrote:
> However, imho there are three points here:
> 1: Lot's of people do not have a clue what ctrl-a does. Since Ubuntu
> focuses on ease of use, it also automatically attrackts less experienced
> users who will not know what ctrl-a is.
> 2: Experienced screen-users will default to ctrl-a since that's what
> they're using for years.
> 3: Ctrl-a can be done using one hand. ctrl-a space/$digit switches
> windows. Maybe it's me, but I don't feel like pressing ctrl-g is a
> comfortable move, typing wise.
> Anywho, this is just my point of view. Maybe other screen users have a
> very different opinion. :)
> If there allready was an extensive discussion, don't let me be the one
> to start that process all over again. (But do consider my personal view
> above ;))

I give everything Mark said a +1.

- Otherwise, is someone going to change the screen man and help pages to 
reflect this "non standard" key choice? Will they re-do this every time 
upstream changes them?

- The zillions of screen HOW-TOs and articles all over the web will now not 
work if you're running Ubuntu.

- This now means that *every* system must have the new profiles or else screen 
just won't work the same and every action will require entirely too much 

- My hand knows how to do Ctrl-a and I really don't want to try to train it for 
something else. Muscle memory is valuable.

Ctrl-a is the master key in screen. It shouldn't be changed lightly.

My vote: stick with what works and stay with Ctrl-a


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