Something like kickstart?

Aaron Toponce atoponce at
Thu Jan 15 18:22:23 UTC 2009

Ante Karamatic wrote:
> On Thu, 15 Jan 2009 10:03:04 -0700
> Aaron Toponce <atoponce at> wrote:
>> It's called 'preseed'. Unfortunately, the documentation sucks, and the
>> implementation is horrible. Red Hat's kickstart is much more usable
> I would argue that preseeding is way more powerful than kickstart. It
> has a flaw - it get's called too late in installer process, but that's
> why, in Ubuntu, one can use kickstart for that first push.

Power wasn't brought to question in my post, but usability and
documentation. AFAIK, there are no tools for building custom preseed
files, such as system-config-kickstart. This leaves the administrator to
build one from scratch by hand. The only way he can do this, is know
what exists in debconf, and how to use it's syntax. There is virtually
no documentation anywhere I can find to help him along his journey,
which leaves preseed much less attractive than kickstart.

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