Call for testing screen-profiles

Dustin Kirkland kirkland at
Wed Jan 14 18:33:46 UTC 2009

Hi Ubuntu Server-

I'm hoping there are a few people out there who are willing and
interested in testing the Ubuntu screen profile contained in the new
Jaunty Universe package, screen-profiles.  For more information and

I've been testing it within gnome-terminal and on tty consoles.  I
haven't tried it within konsole, or other terminals.  I'd be keen to
get some feedback on those!

If you're running Jaunty, you can simply:
 $ sudo apt-get install screen-profiles

However, this same package works just fine on Hardy and Intrepid as
well.  In this case, you can download the latest .deb binary build

And install it with:
 $ sudo dpkg -i screen-profiles*.deb

Once it's installed, you will need to select the Ubuntu screen profile with:
 $ select-screen-profile

You should be greeted with a help window defining the hotkeys, and a
menu where you can perform a few other customizations, such as
toggling on/off whether screen should automatically launch on every

I'm hoping to get a Main Inclusion Report filed this week to begin the
process of including this flashy new feature on the Ubuntu server iso.
 We're looking for some feedback first.

Please file bugs in Launchpad.  If you're interested in contributing
to Ubuntu server development, this project involves Shell and Python
code, and is maintained in bzr at lp:screen-profiles.


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