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Krishna Sankar (ksankar) ksankar at
Sat Feb 28 06:33:05 UTC 2009

I saw that Eucalyptus project would be part of Ubuntu 9.10. Am looking
avenues to contribute.


a)      What is plan around this capability ? Do we have a mailing list
or work off of the ubuntu-server

b)      I know that it is in the universe. What is the current thought
on integration ? Are we going to extend Ubuntu-vmbuilder ?

c)       Are there blue prints in the works in the cloud computing
domain ? Would appreciate pointers.

d)      Might be better off having a separate Ubuntu Cloud Server
appliance edition. Thoughts ?

e)      I searched launchpad for cloud computing and didn't get any
hits. Hence this e-mail. 

f)       I might propose couple of blueprints after getting a picture of
the current efforts and plans. 


Cheers & have a nice weekend


P.S : While we are on the subject, what is the current state of Ruby On
Rails server appliance ? Any plans for the 9.10 ?    

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