Newbie JEOS question

Andrew Hodgson andrew at
Sat Feb 14 17:52:50 UTC 2009

Gaute Amundsen wrote:


>We are just about to set up two virtual servers to replace one physical.
>Now running Zope, apache, haproxy, varnish, postfix, ++ on quad Xeon 3GHz 12 G 
>ram, and often struggling during peak traffic.

>We have decided to switch from rhel4 to ubuntu server, and we immediately 
>thought jeos 8.04 lts would be the thing, being optimized for VMWare and all.

>However the use of the term "virtual appliance" in the marketing materials has 
>me slightly worried. To me, that implies small simple and lightweight, which 
>these servers will most certainly not be.

I always thought (not necessarily correctly) that Jeos was for running on top of the virtual environments, and thus it did not contain all the required drivers (such as NIC, storage etc), that the server version used.  Virtual appliances are usually lightweight Linux builds, but that doesn't mean they aren't subjected to heavy loads.

Thus I would also go with Jeos if you were using a virtualization platform underneath that.


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